Thursday, November 22, 2007

Back When It Would Rain

November, 2007; acrylic, watercolor, gouache; 29 in. x 21 in.


Susan from the Pacific Northwest said...

David, I love this one. Susan R

Carol Plaia said...

Dear Mr. Coffin,

As a charter Threads subscriber, I of course am familiar with your sewing-related activities. Somehow, I never caught that you are also a painter.

You are one fine painter. In your blog, you speak to the issue of making water-media-that-doesn't-look-like-water-media. I think you have gone one better, and that you paint water media that looks like it should look.

I am not a painter, per se. I make wearables and other 3D things, with a concentration on cloth mache masks, which I do often paint with fluid acrylics. I also have landed, again and finally, in Oregon two years ago.

I found your paintings in the course of looking for websites I like to show to a designer who is making one for me, and I started with Kayla's.

Thank you for all the diverse inspiration you provide.

Carol Plaia

Thanks for all your inspiring work, in all fields.

Carol Plaia