Friday, March 12, 2010

Some process chat…

I got a question about yesterday's post that some may find interesting:

Cheryl wrote:

How quickly are you able to make one of these paintings? What is the
average time to just paint them out from start to finish not including
drying time? I am just amazed at your output. How many hours do you put in each day?

I replied:

The short answer is that these were quick, all done yesterday, and all at once, but I could never have done that without the practice and evolution that's resulted from doing my daily Eyes and Skies paintings for the last 8 months. If you look at how those have evolved, you'll see that these are just larger versions of some of the more recent dailies. Here's links to several Facebook albums of the dailies, which are the easiest way to see the group:

The first 200 (albums can only have 200 images)

The next album

The latest dailies in that second link are clearly the parents of the pieces I just posted. I've reached a point with the dailies where I now want to do larger versions in the same vein, which has not been the case until quite recently.

The longer answer is… (continued over at Eyes and Skies)

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